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YWCA El Paso & COVID-19

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Though COVID-19 has caused YWCA to close our four gyms and end our after school programs, our vital work in the El Paso community continues!

We continue to provide childcare for those in our community who provide essential services and simply cannot stay home. Our Early Learning Academies are open to children ages 0-12 and we are following precautions laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, the Texas Department of Health and Human Safety, and the City of El Paso. One YWCA parent told us:

I’m a nurse and a single mom. I cannot miss work and I have nowhere else to take them.

We also simply cannot close our Sara McKnight Transitional Living Center or any of our other three housing units. At the TLC, we serve women and children who have survived domestic violence. The center is staffed 24/7 for the security and safety of all of our residences. We cannot stop serving these women.

One of our three housing units exclusively serves low-income seniors and we have increased our support to those residents to help keep them safe and limit their potential exposure to the virus.

Families, seniors, and domestic violence survivors need YWCA, perhaps now more than ever. But since our gyms, after school programs, and several academies have closed, we lack the funding to maintain all of these necessary programs. That’s where you can come in.

If you are able, a gift of any amount will help YWCA continue to keep women, children, and seniors safe and support those in our community who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic.

Make your gift online and make a difference today.