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YWCA Customer Service Certification

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YWCA’s LIFT program is offering FREE 4-week courses to help El Pasoans become certified in customer service and sales! This certification can help improve your resume, job/career opportunities, pay rate, and more. Customer service skills are required in countless positions and are easily transferable to any field.

Courses include 4 weeks of daily classes (M-F). These classes are held from 5 pm to 7 pm.

This course is limited to individuals living in the El Paso city limits and who are considered low income.

To register for the course, please complete the form below and submit it to liftinfo@ywcaelpaso.org!

Certification Registration Packet

LIFT 4-Week 2020-2021 Calendar

All courses are Monday-Friday from 5 – 7 pm  and will be held online.

LIFT CohortStartsEnds
Cohort 1October 5, 2020October 30, 2020
Cohort 2November 2, 2020December 2, 2020
Cohort 3December 7, 2020January 7, 2021
Cohort 4January 11, 2021February 5, 2021
Cohort 5February 8, 2021March 5, 2021
Cohort 6March 8, 2021April 2, 2021