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Support YWCA During COVID-19

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YWCA is essential, now more than ever.

We are providing critical child care to parents who are keeping our city safe and healthy. We are supporting families in need to help keep children safe and healthy. We are keeping survivors of domestic violence safe. We are housing seniors and doing our part to keep them healthy. We offer critical services that cannot close and we need your help to continue doing so.
One of our team members witnessed exactly how necessary childcare centers and workers are to a community:
One of our parents is a single mom and as she was dropping off her two children, her daughter said, “We’re here because my mom has to go to work, because she’s a nurse and she’s important!” The mother asked us how long we were going to stay open with everything going on. All we could say is we are taking it day by day but that we hope to be able to continue providing services to the parents who need them. She said, “That’s me, I have to go to work and I have nowhere else to leave them.”
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is facing uncertain times. As schools, businesses, and organizations close, YWCA is faced with the reality that so much of our organization is essential and cannot be closed.
  • Domestic violence is not wary of health emergencies. We must maintain the staffing, security, cleanliness, and other resources at our 24/7 Sara McKnight Transitional Living Center for women and children who have survived domestic violence.
  • El Pasoans still need homes. The three YWCA affordable housing programs, including one exclusively for seniors, must be kept safe, clean, and resources provided.
  • Nurses and doctors have children. While many schools have closed, many other organizations remain open. Essential personnel such as nurses, doctors, police officers, health department workers, may need safe places for their children as they work to protect the community from this virus.

We need your help keeping the YWCA community safe and maintaining these vital programs.

With schools and our gyms closed for safety, it has become more financially difficult to support these necessary programs.
We are asking our supporters and friends to make a gift, if you can, to YWCA. Your gift today will keep domestic violence survivors safe, seniors housed, and give the countless other heroes in our community peace of mind as their children will be somewhere safe and secure.

YWCA needs you. The El Paso community needs you.

Thank you for your support.
You can also help by purchasing one of our most needed items for our TLC, Rapid Rehousing, Senior Housing, Independence House, and other programs on Amazon. Follow the link below, purchase an item, and it will be shipped directly to YWCA!