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Service Industry Recovery Childcare (SIR)

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Banner image with a teal background. In the right is a photo of a woman with straight black hair in a red and white striped button down shirt. She is sitting at a table looking at a laptop with an infant in her lap. The image says "Service, Entertainment, and Retail Workers: Free childcare. How's that for a tip? Enrolling through March 31.

Service Industry Recovery Childcare (SIR)

Assistance for Service Industry Workers

A new program is available for eligible workers in the service industry to receive 12 months of care with Child Care Services (CCS) providers at no cost. Individuals who meet income guidelines and are working in qualifying service industries such as food service, retail, or arts and entertainment and who are working at least 25 hours per week and need childcare to maintain employment may be eligible to apply.


  • At least one parent must be currently employed or entering employment in one of the following TWC-specified service industries:
    • Arts, Entertainment, Recreation
    • Accommodation and Food Services
    • Retail Trade
  • The parent requires childcare services in order to work
  • One-parent households must be working a minimum of 25 hours per week and a two-parent household must be working a total of 50 hours per week to qualify
  • The family income is at or below 75 percent of SMI (see table below)
Family SizeMaximum Monthly IncomeMaximum Annual Income
  • The child:
    • is under age 13
    • has legal citizenship or immigration status; and
    • resides with a family (including with an individual standing in loco parentis) within the local workforce development area
    • must meet attendance standards

Required Documentation (Please have all your documents ready before submitting application)

  • Proof of employment in the qualifying occupation. Examples of acceptable documentation are:
    • Current paystub (dated in the last 30 calendar days)
    • Employment verification form signed by your employer
    • Signed letter of employment on company letterhead with appropriate company contact information included
  • Proof of citizenship for children needing care


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