YWCA Branch Rental - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region

YWCA Branch Rental

Rooms and pools at YWCA branches are available for rent for birthday parties, meetings, family gatherings, and corporate events.

Pool party includes lifeguard and party attendant and use of pool and one classroom. 25 or more people includes two lifeguards in the rate.

Room Rentals

Room TypeRoom SizeHourly RateDaily Rate
Multipurpose RoomSmall$35$150
Multipurpose RoomMedium$50$200
Meeting RoomMedium$50$200
Aerobics RoomsMedium$50$200
Gymnastics (West side)Medium$50$200

Pool Rental

Rental TypeEvent SizeRate
Pool Rental0-25$58/hour
Pool Rental26-50$83
Pool Lane Rental10 people maximum/lane$30/hour
Pool Party0-25$175/3 hours
Pool Party26-50$250/3 hours