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YWCA Facility Rentals

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YWCA Facility Rentals

Whether you’re planning a small meeting, corporate retreat, family reunion, or birthday party, we have the perfect space to fit your needs. Rooms and pools at our four branches around town are available for rent for a variety of events. The beautiful Las Luminarias is also available for rent and is perfect for birthday parties, summer BBQs, anniversary parties, family reunions, receptions, corporate retreats, youth lock-ins, and more! The retreat includes a large outdoor pool, soccer and baseball fields, basketball courts, a stone lodge, a wooded Ramada area, and more than four acres of space for your event.


Las Luminarias YWCA Branch Rental

For more information on facility rental, please contact a Guest Relationship Associate at the facility you would like to book.

Facility NameFacility LocationPhone Number
Las LuminariasUpper Valley915-519-0000 ext. 1110
Shirley Leavell BranchEast Side915-519-0003
Dorothy Woodley Hunt BranchLower Valley915-519-0006
Joyce Jaynes BranchCentral915-519-0002
Katharine White HarveyWest Side915-519-0005