YWCA Westside Outdoor Pool - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region

YWCA Westside Outdoor Pool

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Become a YWCA member for access to the outdoor pool on the westside open for the summer!

Our beautiful (and large!) outdoor pool is located at our YWCA West location at 313 Bartlett and is great for lap swimming, leisure swimming, and family fun swimming!

Outdoor Pool Open Swim Hours

10 am - 1 pm10 am - 1 pm10 am - 1 pm10 am - 1 pm10 am - 1 pm10 am - 1 pm
4 - 7:15 pm4 - 7:15 pm4 - 7:15 pm4 - 7:15 pm3 - 6:45 pm

Questions? Ready to sign up? Call us at 915-519-0005 OR visit us at YWCA West! (All YWCA Fitness Center members have access to the amenities and classes at each center, so you can also visit any YWCA location to become a member. However, only the westside location offers an outdoor pool.)