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boy learn to swim in the swimming pool

We are now offering private swim lessons! Instructors will provide one-on-one in-water instruction while following safety protocols. Instructors are required to wear a face shield throughout the session for the protection of both student and teacher.

Lessons will also be offered for parents who would like to be in the water with their children. These classes will be offered in both private and group settings. Schedules and availability vary per location.

No matter what the swim level, we have an instructor who can help you or your child achieve greater confidence and skill in the water. YWCA offers class-based lessons for infants, toddlers, and youth at all four branches. In addition, private and semi-private lessons are offered for a more personalized learning experience. Each class focuses on helping children master basic swim strokes and master new skills before advancing to a new level. All trainers are certified as swim instructors.

Swim Class Levels

For swimmers ages 3 months to 2 years. Parents participate while baby learns water exploration and water adjustment skills! Babies will experience water safety, independence and much more.

For swimmers ages 3-5 years and beginning swimmers 6+. The first level for beginner swimmers works to acclimate children to water by teaching them how to blow bubbles, put their face in the water, float on their back and kick.

Intermediate session (open to different age groups). Children will continue to build their skills and work on front floating, gliding and swimming more independently, plus an introduction to swim styles.

Our advanced class where swimmers will enhance their confidence by swimming independently on their front and back. They will also learn a variety of swim strokes, flip breath, lap lane swimming and more.

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