FAQs - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region


1.Do I meet the Qualification for the Scholarship?

The first step to see if you are qualified is to do our pre-screen application. The questions are design to see if you meet the minimum qualifications.  If you do meet the minimum qualifications, then we will be contacted by our staff within 5 days through e-mail and you will be sent an application requesting the required supportive documents. Upon return of the required documentations, our staff complete the application and determine if your child fully qualify for the scholarship.

2.How long does the Waitlist last?

The Waitlist can last 3-4 month and up to 1 year, depending on funding.

3.Can I waive the waitlist?

The waitlist can be waived if you fall under our Priority Category and funding is available, which is:

  1. U.S. Veterans
  2. Children of Foster Youth
  3. Children experiencing Homelessness
  4. Parents on military deployment who are unable to enroll their children in a military-funded child care assistance program
  5. Teen Parents
  6. Children with disabilities

4.What documents are required for the Application Process?

You can download our list  of required supportive documents on our website (www.ywca.org) .  We ask you to have these ready when after you submit the prescreen to help expedite services.

5.How can I reduce the price of my daycare cost?

Applying for our scholarship can reduce the price of daycare initially.  You can further reduce cost by picking a child care that is part of the Texas Rising Star program.

6.How long will it take to receive the scholarship for my child?

It can take up to 20 days, but it often depends if the required supportive documents are returned back quickly.

7.Can you Help me select a day care?

Yes, we can help you locate day care providers by doing a search at Solutions for Job Seekers | Workforce Solutions Borderplex | (borderplexjobs.com) or our staff can assist you throughout the application process

8. How can I check my status?

You can check you status by contacting our customer services at 915-500-7665