Early Learning Academies

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About YWCA Early Learning Academies

YWCA Early Learning Academies are on a mission to provide excellent early childhood education in a fun, enriching environment. Our goal is to bolster positive social, emotional and academic development while promoting school-readiness. With more than 40 years of experience in early childhood education, YWCA is the best choice for childcare in El Paso. We offer nine locations around town and convenient hours for working parents to fit your needs.


YWCA utilizes an early childhood education model that engages children in a rigorous active learning environment that is play and project based. Our curriculum is also bilingual, preparing students to participate in a global society.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond an academic curriculum, YWCA has introduced other curricula to best serve our students and their families. Through a partnership with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, we have implemented an emotional and behavioral health curriculum to help YWCA students excel in all aspects of life. We also train students and families in proper dental health and offer vision, speech, and hearing screenings through partnerships with local universities and colleges.

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