YWCA After School Program - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region
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YWCA After School Program

YWCA After School Programs serve children from ages 4-12 on their school campus from the time the bell rings until their parents can pick them up at 6 pm. Participation in after-school programs have been shown to increase school performance and keeps students active, engaged, and learning from the time the bell rings until 6 pm. With programs in more than 40 elementary schools in El Paso, we are the largest provider of after-school programs in the city and strive to serve the needs of parents and students.

Curriculum and Activities

YWCA After School Programs implement a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum to help students succeed in these ever-growing fields. Students build a functioning dam, design and build a parachute, and participate in other STEM challenges and games.

YWCA After School Program participants receive homework assistance and participate in a literacy-based curriculum. Students practice reading in a fun, engaging way.

YWCA challenges and games are all designed to keep students having fun and learning after the bell rings. We also offer games and physical activities to promote health and wellness amongst our students.

All students will receive a USDA-approved snack at their after school program.

I’m a single mom with a job that moves me around a lot. This is actually the fourth state I’ve lived in. As a mom, especially a single mom with no family or support system in the city, one of the biggest things I worry about is childcare. I don’t worry about that anymore since I found YWCA’s After School Program at my children’s school. In the three other states we’ve lived in, no other program even compares to this one. The staff here is so exceptional-- I’d welcome them into my home. They take the time to learn about and work with each individual child. Plus, my kids love it here. If I pick them up too early, they don’t want to leave. It is educational and entertaining and engaging, but I think what I love the most are the life lessons they are exposed to here. They are exposed to children of different ages and backgrounds, and they have to learn patience and kindness and acceptance. Those are the greater things for kids to learn, and the staff facilitates those lessons. Finally, since my children are so young and there isn’t a grandparent or an aunt or anyone else to pick them up, I literally don’t know what I would do without this program. I am so grateful.
Julia, YWCA After School Parent