Racial Justice - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region

Racial Justice

YWCA supports policies that contribute to the elimination of racism. This includes but is not limited to policies that eliminate racial profiling, increase immigrant rights, retain and strengthen affirmative action, reduce hate crimes and result in increased education on racism and its elimination.

What it is
YWCA is proud to offer our own unique curriculum of over 200 modules. These modules are tailored to the needs of our audience, taking into consideration issues such as age range (pre-school children to adulthood) to organization type (private business to non-profit organizations).
The Racial Justice Institute also promotes our mission through the availability of activities, books, and films; the coordination of multi-cultural events; participation in cultural heritage and anti-hate events; and training of staff and community racial justice facilitators. Program elements in the curriculum are based on foundations of personal beliefs, life experiences, diversity awareness, cultural understanding, cross-cultural communication, and change agent behaviors.

Training Programs   
The Racial Justice Program provides training presentations to community organizations, church groups, schools, and employers.  Presentations range in time and material according to the agency’s needs.  A review of your needs can be done prior to a presentation to ensure the complete satisfaction of your desired audience.

A group of facilitators is ready to make a presentation at your request. We specialize in hands-on activities that involve both individualized and/or team building skills through thought-provoking exercises.

Examples of Trainings Available:

• “Appreciating Differences”
• “We Are All the Same”
• “Walk Apart/Walk Together”
• “What is Prejudice?”
• Informational sessions/coordination of Culture of the Month celebrations, i.e. Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month.
• Educational Studies

Become a Racial Justice Facilitator
The YWCA is committed to providing awareness, education, and empowerment in the community to share our mission to eliminate racism. We offer an intensive three-day training session to allow community leaders to become certified facilitators of our program. Please contact our Racial Justice Program Manager.

To schedule a training a presentation for your organization or to become a racial justice facilitator,  please contact the YWCA Racial Justice office at  (915) 519-0000 ext. 1081