Leisure Leader (Dance) - YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region

Leisure Leader (Dance)

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Under general supervision, teaches and coordinates a leisure learning program, maintaining safety and technical standards that lead to a quality program providing positive experiences for student in developing new skills, improving self-image and having fun.

Key Responsibilities
Provides basic instruction to children and adult class participants in any leisure learning discipline including, but not limited to:  music, gymnastics, and dance. 

Develops class content, skills and choreographs routines.

Plans and organizes class formats including skills instruction, practice sessions, and evaluation periods.

Develops standards for various levels of competencies.

Prepares class meeting area and ensures that classes start and end on time.

Enthusiastically greets students before each class.

Monitors class attendance and enrollment.

Observes students to determine physical and artistic abilities and potential.

Explains and demonstrates techniques and methods of body movement for program.

May create, direct and stage the presentation of students’ work and assists with preparation and organization of recitals.

Supervises class participants to ensure participant safety and compliance with policies and procedures.

Provides first aid in the event of emergency and prepares incident reports as needed.

Sets up range, order, and maintenance of equipment for optimal performance.

Maintains good working relationships with Front Desk staff, parents and participants, communicating in a courteous and professional manner.

Supervises use of supplies, and equipment. Returns materials to proper storage spaces after use.

Promotes the program within the YWCA as well as throughout the community.


  1. High school graduate or equivalent preferred.
  2. Three (3) years specialized training in multi-disciplined education preferred.
  3. Two (2) years previous experience providing dance instruction, teaching, or tutoring required.
  4. Some dance choreography experience helpful.
  5. Some knowledge of production of a dance recital, including costumes, music, lighting and overall organization of a show needed. Production of at least one dance recital highly desirable.