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YWCA MacGuire and Transmountain ELAs to reopen

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YWCA MacGuire and Transmountain ELAs to reopen

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Dear YWCA Parents and Families,

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy! Good news: YWCA El Paso’s MacGuire Early Learning Academy (313 Bartlett) and Transmountain ELA (9570 Gateway North) will reopen on Friday, May 29th! The hours will be 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and we will be available to serve children ages 0-12.

Since the academies temporarily closed, the state of Texas, city of El Paso, and CDC have issued various guidelines and regulations for operating childcare during this pandemic. Since YWCA has maintained operations at four Early Learning Academies, our team is already adept at following state, city, CDC, and American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for childcare. We comply with regulations regarding social distancing, parents and students will have their temperatures taken before a child is accepted, pick up and drop off will take place outside the building, and we ask that masks or face coverings be provided for children ages 2 and up. The facilities have also been cleaned and disinfected since closing and our team has increased the frequency with which they are cleaning and sanitizing surfaces throughout the day. We also ask that if anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 that you refrain from bringing your child to a YWCA program for at least 14 days.

All YWCA academies will continue following necessary regulations and guidelines to keep our students and team members as safe as possible. We know these are stressful times and as more businesses and organizations reopen, childcare is a necessity for parents and families. We hope to continue serving your families and educating your children—we miss them!

To re-enroll or enroll your child at MacGuire, please call the academy at 915-519-0108

To re-enroll or enroll your child at Transmountain, please call the academy at 915-831-5832

If you have any questions about our new procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our Program Manager, Wendy Cunyus, at w.cunyus@ywcaelpaso.org.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!