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Movies with a Mission Part 1

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Movies with a Mission Part 1

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Stuck inside? Working from home? School canceled? Looking for something to do? If you want to feel good about your new all-day streaming habit, we have a list for you! Below is a list of films available to stream on Netflix that are aligned with YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women!


“Felicie and Victor, two young friends in 1880s France, escape from an orphanage to pursue their dreams in Paris, the glittering City of Lights.” This inspirational film tells the story of two children pursuing their dreams and shares the lengths they’ll go to achieve them, no matter what the odds are. (PG)

Someone Great

“On the heels of a blindsiding breakup, music journalist Jenny braces for a new beginning– and one last adventure with her closest friends.” Loving, supportive, empowering friendships are the BEST friendships and that’s what this movie is all about! (R)

Frances Ha

“Determined to make it as a modern dance in New York, a young woman pursues her unlikely goal with more enthusiasm than natural talent.” This film depicts the complexities of chasing your dreams, being there for your friends, and happiness. No character is perfect, but they are real and relatable. (R)


“In this acclaimed coming-of-age drama, a young man who grows up poor, black and gay in a rough Miami neighborhood tries to find his place in the world.” This film examines the stereotypes often projected onto black men and challenges those stereotypes. (R)

 He Named Me Malala

“This documentary tells the story of a teenage Pakistani girl shot for her advocacy of women’s education, her survival, and her continued efforts.” You have probably heard of Malala Yousafzai and you probably have a basic understanding of her story, but this documentary allows you to truly understand her courage, strength, and why she serves as an inspiration for women and girls around the world. (PG-13)

Please follow parental guidance suggestions as some films may include materials not suitable for all.

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