Branches and Locations


Friends and supporters generously built our branches. From credit counseling to health and wellness centers and more, more than 40,000 people frequent our facilities every year. Among our many services, you’ll find the only early learning academy in the city for homeless children, economic empowerment services, personal trainers, and so much more. Each branch is more than a building – it’s hope in action.


Branch Address Phone Number
Myrna J. Deckert (NE) 9135 Stahala Dr. 79924 915.519.0004
Joyce W. Jaynes (C) 1600 Brown St. 79902 915.519.0002
Shirley Leavell (E) 10712 Sam Snead 79935 915.519.0003
Katharine White Harvey (W) 313 Bartlett Dr. 79912 915.519.0005
Dorothy Woodley Hunt (LV) 115 Davis Dr. 79907 915.519.0006

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