Administration & Staff

Administrative Offices  
201 E. Main, Ste. 400 | El Paso, TX 79901                                                                  
P. 915.519.0000  |  F. 915.533.7921

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sylvia Acosta Ext. 1080
Administrative Assistant to the CEO CJ Jacquez Ext. 1080
Chief Programming Officer Elke Cumming, MPH Ext. 1081
Contract and Compliance Officer Barbara Alspaugh Ext. 1070
Chief Empowerment Administrator Kathy Cox Ext. 1263

Chief Financial Officer Jehan Dallo, CPA Ext. 1050

School Age Administrator Laura Gomez Ext. 1130
Maintenance Administrator Eddie Munoz Ext. 1090
Human Resources Administrator Deana Reese Ext. 1102

Constituent Engagement Administrator    

 Layra Marivani   Ext. 1113
Fitness & Aquatics Administrator Diana Hastings   Ext. 1340
Information Technology Manager Arthur Westbrook Ext. 1193
Child Care Services (CCS) Administrator  Loretta Priest Ext. 1811
Safety & Transportation Manager Nate Jones Ext. 1104
Volunteer Services Veronica Harkness Ext. 1103