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Choosing Child Care

When choosing a child care center or home, there are considerations you  should think about. Visit the center or home you are considering choosing to find answers to the following questions:

Find out how many children are in the group:
Is the group small enough for your child to feel comfortable and safe? In general the smaller the group the better.

Ask how many children there are for each adult:
Are there enough staff members to care for the children? Will your child get the attention he or she needs?

Family Involvement:  
Does the provider or the teacher keep parents informed about what their children do? Does this happen daily or at least weekly? Does the provider have a conference with each child’s parents at least once a year? Are there planned outings in which parents can volunteer to help and attend? Are you allowed to drop in unannounced at anytime?

Caregiver education and staff experience:
Ask about caregivers’ training and education. Are they involved in activities that will improve their skills? Check how long caregivers have been working at the center or home you are interested in choosing. Caregivers who come and go make it hard on your child to adjust.

Health and safety:
Your child’s well being is important. When visiting child care sites ask the following: Is there careful supervision of children? Does the caregiver have an emergency plan in place? Does the caregiver serve nutritious food? Does the center or home have a clean indoor and outdoor environment? Are the electrical outlets that are accessible to children capped?

Quality of care:
Some providers voluntarily choose to implement standards for child care that are higher than the state’s licensing requirements. Find out if the child care provider you are interested in choosing has obtained any certifications or accreditations by a national organization.




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