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Consumer Credit Counseling Service

The YWCA Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) has been providing consumers with budget, debt and housing advice for over 30 years. Counselors help consumers identify the causes of their individual financial problems and make a plan to address them. CCCS in El Paso partners with many organizations and businesses, and our credit counselors conduct educational outreach and give presentations throughout the area. All services are available in English and in Spanish

CCCS provides the following counseling and education opportunities at free or low cost:

Credit and Budget Counseling - A credit counselor explains the impact that budgeting and credit abuse has on personal wealth, and works with you to develop a spending plan to achieve financial goals. The counselor will also advise you on establishing/recovering credit.

Credit Review Counseling - A credit counselor will access your credit report, review it with you, and provide explanation and instruction on how to improve it as well as how to dispute erroneous information.

Debt Management - CCCS helps you by working with your creditors to arrange and administer repayment plans that you can afford and creditors will accept. Debt management will help you avoid bankruptcy and get out of debt as quickly as possible, with the least amount of damage to your credit standing.

First Time Homebuyer Counseling - CCCS guides you, the prospective homebuyer, through the entire home buying process by providing up-to-date information on various down payment assistance programs and by advising you on solving credit issues so that you will qualify for a mortgage. First-time homebuyer educational workshops are free.

Housing Counseling - CCCS provides housing counseling addressing a variety of situations: mortgage default & foreclosure; mortgage re-financing, & rental default.

Pre-File Bankruptcy Counseling - A credit counselor reviews your financial situation and advises on options that are available as alternatives to bankruptcy. This counseling fulfills the financial counseling requirement of the Executive Office of the U.S. Trustee (EOUST).

Children Cope with Divorce - This educational course, for parents of minor children, teaches effective parenting during the transition of divorce through the following topics: the process of divorce, how children react, helping children adjust, dealing with new family structures, and identifying children at risk. Available in English or Spanish. Cost: $50

Financial Education Programs covers topics in a classroom or on-line setting
(All classes are offered in English and Spanish. Online options available for a small fee.)

Stretching Your Dollar$ - Basic budgeting

Credit When Credit Is Due - Comprehensive credit management.

Money in Motion - Comprehensive financial management overview.
This fulfills the financial education requirement of the Executive Office of the U.S. Trustee.Homebuyer Orientation - A first look at homeownership.
First Time Homebuyer Seminar - Comprehensive overview of buying a house.

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If you have questions or want more information about the YWCA’s Economic Empowerment Division, please call (915) 519-0034 or email at cccs@ywcaelpaso.org.

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