El Paso del Norte Region

Fitness & Aquatics


 Whether you are new to fitness, a seasoned athlete, 4 years old or 104, our fitness centers are dedicated to helping men, women and children succeed in achieving their fitness goals. Our *NEW* fitness4all program provides simultaneous youth and adult classes ( including zumba) so children are not left in a babysitting room while their parents work out.

We believe that results are attained by a great fitness experience that will restore and enhance your mind and body, leaving you and your family refreshed, alive and ready to meet life's challenges. Learn all the benefits and rewards of membership and start living a healthy lifestyle today.

Come by any branch for a 7-Day Health and Wellness Pass and check out our facilities for free for one week!

Each of our facilities includes:

An indoor pool
Open gym time with weights and machines
Water and land classes
YWZones classes for children and youth

Additional classes, offerings and facility features are available at each branch.